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Connected Learning was born out of a group of parents’ efforts to help their own children learn Chinese in the most efficient and effective manner. Being parents of school-going children ourselves, we understand how difficult it is for your children to learn Chinese in an English-speaking environment. In a character-based language (such as Chinese) where you can’t simply spell out the words, frequent and active practice is the key to its mastery. You cannot afford not to immerse your children in a Chinese-speaking environment where they will constantly interact with and learn from native Chinese tutors, until the use of the language becomes intuitive and natural.

Now, imagine if your children could learn Chinese from highly qualified and dedicated tutors, in the comfort of your own home, at a convenient time, 2-3 times a week, all without the hassle of travelling to and from class. Wouldn’t THAT be a dream come true?

We make that dream happen.

Key Benefits

My son, who is in P4 this year, enjoyed the trial lesson, not to mention the fun of using the PC and earpiece, so I decided to sign him up for regular lessons. He has been taking lesson for about a year now.

During the lessons, my son goes through reading from the textbook, writing words in his own exercise book (word, meaning, pinyin), pronunciation and linked words. The teacher will also focus on teaching him how to make short sentences by asking him to verbalise the sentences. After receiving tuition via TutorMe, he finally managed to pass his Chinese exam…”

-Ms Eileen Seah, mother of Damien Tan (10 years old)
The ‘live’ tuition is conducted by natives in China. They are very fluent in Mandarin and have accurate pronunciation. Most importantly, they can communicate well with my boy and are extremely patient with him. I was quite sceptical about him receiving online tuition for the first time because he is quite active and may get fidgety. In fact, during each of the one-hour lessons, he may sometimes wander around or try to watch his online favourite entertainment videos during a short lesson break. But the tutors will always get his attention back by calling out to him or gently chides him for getting distracted with other activities.
-Ms Gin Ong, mother of Josh Lim (Pri 2)
My child has been on TutorMe for approximately two years and it’s still ongoing. After my son attended the lessons, he enjoyed them so much that he never complained… It has become a routine to him.

The best part is, you need not travel. Lessons go on in all kinds of weather conditions and you get to rest or do your own thing while someone helps you to revise with your child. My son is doing better and better in MT. How not to improve when they recap and make him write the new words he learnt in previous lessons… regularly for three times a week?

They follow the school syllabus and in fact, teach more words than the school textbook. They communicate with your child in Mandarin three hours a week; they teach / practice oral & listening comprehension too!!!!!

-Joshey Jackey, who posted this feedback on KiasuParents forum