As a parent, you want your child to have every advantage in life. You enrol them in the best school, ensure they eat healthy meals, and encourage them to be active. But there’s one crucial area you might forget about—language learning.

Globalisation’s Influence on Language Learning

Studies have shown that multilingual children have a cognitive advantage over their monolingual peers. As the world becomes more globalised, being able to communicate in multiple languages is a valuable skill that will give your child a leg up in the job market.

Nevertheless, it’s tough for parents to see their mother tongues fizzle out due to the new generations’ lack of exposure to them. With Singapore being an English-speaking country, it comes as no surprise that kids these days are just completely distant from their respective mother tongues. Other than the classes they have in school specifically for their mother tongue, every other subject is in English, naturally exposing them to the English language more.

This is something that cannot be controlled or changed. Since the world is growing, it’s fairly difficult to go back to our roots. However, it can be improved with a little help from tuition centres such as ours, where we take particular interest in improving your Chinese!

Benefits of Mastering Your Mother Tongue

Studies have shown that bilingual children have improved problem-solving, critical thinking, and multitasking skills. Furthermore, learning another language improves cognitive skills. These skills carry over into other areas of life and can give your child an edge in school and future careers.

In addition to improving cognitive skills, learning another language also enhances creativity. Bilingualism exposes children to different cultures and ways of thinking. This exposure can help children see the world in new ways and be more open to innovative solutions.

Moreover, learning and mastering another language, especially your native tongue, will ensure that the traditional roots of the generations before you are kept. With the world evolving and most children’s lives being influenced by the Western world, the importance of your native language may be overlooked. In Singapore, our lessons in school to practice our mother tongue ensures that we do not let that part of our history go. 


Learning a second language has numerous academic, social, and cognitive benefits for children. Fortunately, most Singaporeans are from multilingual families, which gives them the basic knowledge and foundation needed for a language that isn’t English. At Connected Learning, we teach primary school syllabus and secondary level curriculum so you can learn Chinese online no matter the stage in life! The language lessons are engaging, creative and fun. We provide a wide variety of options for the student to choose from, which will fit their needs best! We have friendly and experienced teachers who offer an excellent syllabus that engages students in lesson plans at home and teaches Chinese online. Every day has its specific topic planned out by teachers, with great lesson plans conducted online from the comfort of your home.

With the help of Connected Learning, your children can improve their Chinese and be ready for exams through our Chinese tuition for PSLE students, which is an important milestone in every Singaporean kid’s education journey. Don’t miss out, connect with us today!