Parents may make arrangements for their children to have tuition with a tutor after school if they lack confidence in the classroom, are having trouble keeping up with their peers, require assistance with test preparation, or are having learning difficulties. All the more for subjects they are known to be struggling with.

Tutors offer the additional support that less gifted students may need and can help motivate gifted kids by exposing them to more challenging subjects that are not covered in the school curriculum. Tutors are able to go over the material with each student at their own pace by working with them personally or in small groups.

They can aid with homework assignments and encourage excellent study habits, such as creating realistic goals that are timely, specific, quantifiable, and doable. We’ve talked about how online Chinese tuition can benefit our children, so what should we consider when hiring a tutor for our children, especially Chinese tuition in Singapore?

Experience and expertise

The more expertise the tutor has in teaching or tutoring in your particular subject area, the more equipped they will be to teach your child. They will also be knowledgeable about teaching methods that are effective in garnering your kid’s attention whilst keeping their interest during the duration of the tuition.

Additionally, search for an instructor who incorporates active learning. This indicates that the tutor gives comments on your or your child’s academic progress. The tutor should modify lesson plans to fit your ability level and focus on the areas where you need the most assistance. A more effective tutor will be one who asks follow-up questions, finds out how you or your student arrived at a particular conclusion and customises lessons for you or your student. 

Learning Style

Not every person learns in the same way. Some of us learn things more effectively when they are supported by images, while others prefer written or auditory signals. Find a tutor who can accommodate your learning style or the learning style of your child. Make sure your tutor is experienced using illustrations, diagrams, or other visual aids if you learn best visually.

It’s also beneficial to consider what you or your child will require at various school levels. Younger children typically perform better when their instructors are approachable, pleasant, and friendly. These tutors will be skilled at employing tools like cheat sheets as reinforcement for comprehension, oral and composition components of their exams. Younger pupils could also require more assistance than high school students to maintain concentration.

Interest and Passion

When searching for a tutor, look for someone who is genuinely passionate about the subject and isn’t just out to make a little extra money. Look for tutors who are enthusiastic about their studies and teaching. Set up a meeting with an instructor to gauge their level of enthusiasm for instruction. Many websites that offer online tutoring either screen applicants or ask them to upload a video of themselves instructing a subject they are enthusiastic about. This can often correlate to them having a well-thought lesson plan that will help your child excel in the long run.

Conclusion know what you’re looking for and what’s required

It can be stressful getting the right tutor when the exams are around the corner, and it is doubly so for ‘O’ Level or PSLE Chinese tuition. But by ensuring that not only is your child open to receiving tutelage, finding a qualified and passionate tutor can make a big difference in the learning of your child. If that is what you are looking for, Connected Learning is here to provide that for you and your child. Sign up with us and learn more with our tutors today!