Many of us have been through tuition, both in a group or one-to-one setting, for many of our subjects in school. But while both have their advantages and disadvantages, have you wondered if it matters when sending your children to Chinese tuition in Singapore?

Many of us have grown up experiencing some form of tuition, and so it feels natural for us to send our kids to tuition when they need some help for their studies as well. But have you ever stopped to think about whether 1-to-1 home tuition or group tuition might be better for your kids?

The difference in attention given to each child

One of the main differences parents think about is the amount of attention each child gets when they go through the lessons with their teachers. While it is undeniable that each child gets less attention, it does not decrease the quality of teaching interaction they get with experienced tutors, especially in small group settings. This is particularly effective in small group settings, where the children also get other benefits listed below.

Group thinking and group learning

While learning by yourself can allow a child to be focused, it can tend to become boring and tiresome if done for a long while. Learning in group settings can not only allow for companionship, the children can also learn with one another and learn from each other’s mistakes. They can also exchange notes and pointers, teaching each other and going through their concepts as they help one another in their work.

One of the biggest complaints from students about 1-to-1 tuition is how boring it is. And while we do not get them to talk excessively in class, having peers their age can allow them to have positive interactions during the course of hours long of tuition. This is but one of the many important factors when it comes to encouraging your kids in their journey of learning.

Cost of tuition

The cost of tuition can often be a big point of contention for families, especially if they have multiple children or are sending their child to multiple tuitions. This can often be mitigated in group tuition while managing the quality of learning they have. Experienced tutors, especially those with many accolades and a good track record, can often charge high prices, but dedicated and passionate tutors would often try to increase class sizes and teach small to medium groups of children because they understand the benefits of group learning and helping parents keep tuition costs as low as they can.

Conclusion – it’s all about finding that balance

While there are different factors that go into a parent’s decision, it should often be the kids’ thoughts that should be taken into consideration. Whether they enjoy themselves and whether a teacher is effective in single and group settings should be heard as it directly impacts how they learn during their time spent at tuition.

Still, it is our experience teaching ‘O’ Level and PSLE Chinese tuition that group tuition, especially those in small and medium settings, can often be the most effective. As with learning a language, they get someone to communicate Chinese with and have companions to grow together. Peers with the same level of Chinese oral skills can often help each other immensely when it comes to growing in their grasp of the language and children will see results in no time.