Covid-19 has brought a massive impact on our lives. This impact has dramatically affected our children as most children, especially those below ten, might probably live the majority of their life with the newly established norm brought to us by the effects of the ongoing pandemic. To prepare them for the future, there are certain things that we need to look out for when it comes to learning.

The tuition industry in Singapore has increased and expanded in many ways during this pandemic. Virtual and digitalised learning has become the standard way of education. About 80% of primary school-aged students attend private tuition. Moreover, statistics show that most Singaporeans (about 67%) have enrolled their children in tuition at some point. Therefore, parents should carefully analyse the best tuition centres, especially in language, as this is a worthy advantage for your children. For example, parents enrol their children in Connected Learning to learn Chinese online in Singapore.

Here are the three most important characteristics of a good language tuition centre.


A language tuition centre must be exceptionally interactive. It must draw in the faculties and imagination and make the children a significant part of the whole learning experience, making learning meaningful.

When teaching children, a full passive lecture won’t be very compelling. They can barely sit still, much less keep their eyes on the computer screen for long periods of time. Their short attention span must be considered in formulating activities to keep them motivated in the lesson.


Asking a kid to do something they don’t want to do is a chore. Say, for example, feeding toddlers. When your little one stops opening her mouth, resisting every spoonful of food, what do you do? Most parents become creative and turn that tiny spoon into an imaginary aeroplane or a “choo-choo” train just to get it into the toddler’s mouth.

Eating is an activity, and so is memorising a list of words from the screen. However, eating has become a fun experience because your way is more creative. Likewise, tuition centres must formulate fun digital ways to learn a language, especially Mandarin. I’m talking about brilliant colours, moving characters, fun stories, intergalactic missions, etc.


Even though activities have captured the attention of children to get them to learn, kids do get bored easily. Soon, learning becomes a chore for them rather than a fun activity. Kids will like to engage in things they find interesting, if it’s something new or unexpected.

Kids aren’t aware of the lesson they’re sitting through and how beneficial it could be for them in the near future. They are more concerned about the “now” and how to have fun. A good language tuition centre would know this concept. If possible, they would try to create a variety of activities for the same lesson to teach the same thing in different ways.


With the advent of many tuition centres here in Singapore, it becomes very difficult to look for the best possible option for your kids. Here in Collected Learning, one of the many advantages is the fun and effective lesson strategies. It’s a valuable option to consider Chinese tuition for PSLE students as it’s a crucial milestone for them. Don’t miss out; register with us today!