Music can be a beneficial instrument for learning a foreign language. The lyrics of the music, like the subtitles of a film, are an excellent source of words and phrases to learn while having fun. It is also a great way of improving your pronunciation and intonation. Like every other language, this applies to Chinese as well. There are various learning methodologies, with most people choosing to revise for Chinese through visual learning. However, auditory learning can be incredibly effective as well.

According to research, listening to music can help enhance memorisation skills. In this article, we have listed 5 ways you can improve your skills in Chinese with the help of music.

1. Music is a memory booster

We’ve all had that experience where you listen to a song once, and it gets stuck on your mind for a long time. This is because music triggers your brain. Music affects both the left and right hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. Activating both hemispheres can increase learning and memorising. Listening to Chinese songs repeatedly can help you familiarise yourself with the language better. Repetition is the primary structural characteristic of music and songs, which is why it’s an effective learning material.

2. You can listen to songs anytime and anywhere

Unlike textbooks, movies, or conversation partners, you can conveniently listen to music everywhere you go. Keep a playlist on your phone, so you can listen to your favourite Chinese songs whenever and wherever.

As compared to active learning, which can sometimes feel draining, listening to music is often a method of relaxation. Thus, having both proper studying methods and a chance to get exposed to Chinese while listening to songs can have a two-pronged effect to double the effectiveness of learning the language.

3. Singing enhances your articulation

Most new learners do not expand their lips wide enough when speaking Chinese, resulting in slurred pronunciation and issues with diction. Singing helps with these concerns as music makes it easier to follow the pronunciation of challenging words and develops the proper oral pronunciation of phrases. People often subconsciously reflect on what they have heard, especially from sources they perceive to be reliable and trustworthy. This can improve the mastery of your Chinese oral skills over time.

4. Music increases your vocabulary

Lyrics of songs are typically made from conversational and straightforward phrases and words that we sometimes may not necessarily pick up when learning a language. Listening to music enables us to internalise the syntax better and extend our vocabulary. With music, you will be exposed to new Chinese words and the ways to string them into a sentence.

5. Song lyrics improve your reading skills

While lyric reading would be best for more advanced learners, it can undoubtedly help speed up your skills. Let’s not underestimate a person’s will to understand the songs that they love, as we will often go out of our way to find out more about the things we enjoy.

This is much more effective than mindless memorising of concepts and phrases in classrooms since we get to apply the language in a living and breathing manner. Go out of your way to find out more about your favourite songs, ponder their meaning and the creative ways they have written various words and phrases in each line. Who knows, you might pick up a thing or two and improve your written and spoken Chinese skills along the way!


Chinese is truly an amazing language and learning it all within the confines of books and a classroom can be pretty stifling. So, if you love music, why not take a chance to learn Chinese in a unique manner? You’re sure to learn countless applications that are helpful in your tests and exams.

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