Has it ever occurred to you to binge-watch your favourite Chinese drama and wish you wouldn’t have to watch the faces of the actors and read the subtitles after? Or do you wish to watch the evening news on Channel 8 and easily understand everything said or converse easily with your friends and family in Chinese?

Chinese is much more than just the grades you get in classes – and the applications for the language are far-reaching and wide. And one aspect of having mastery of the language is possessing a wide arsenal and understanding of vocabulary and its proper application. Are you just starting out or worried about this particular part of your learning journey? Fret not, as here are several ways you can try to improve your Chinese vocabulary.

1. Assess your learning technique

In order to fully maximise your effort and time spent studying, it’s essential to know and follow your personal way of learning. Every learner has a different way of learning a language, just like how every student has their own study habits. Some people can learn faster when they listen to Chinese people’s conversations and try to understand their words; others learn by practising and applying visual learning techniques.

People learn in their own different ways, and you may also have your own style of learning. It’s important to follow your learning technique, as it is what suits you the most and you find comfortable. There are no right or wrong ways to learn – just what is most effective for you.

2. Set your goals and consistently achieve them

Another best way to get motivated to learn and keep track of your progress is by setting a number of goals and trying to achieve them one by one. Having a clear goal and subgoals will help you gain a helpful sense of urgency in your learning process.

Goals and checkpoints can be made according to the chapters you want to go over. This not only helps provide a natural marker of improvement, you are also going through your syllabus and making efficient use of your time.

For example, the ultimate goal of a primary school student would be to score well for PSLE, so having Chinese tuition focused on the PSLE syllabus would be best as compared to finding enrichment classes which doesn’t teach you how to ace Chinese Oral conversation and composition exams.

3. Have a proper study time according to your study objective

When learning a difficult language, such as Chinese, it’s important that you should spend time on it and study regularly if possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer, as long as you spend time to refresh your brain while attempting to memorise and remember new content.

4. Get the help of a reputable tuition centre

The most effective way to learn a new language quickly and easily is by having the right tutors and teachers. Along with tips and tricks, they will teach you the right study method that fits your way of learning yields amazing results that you wanted to achieve in a given time frame.

Great teachers not only worry about a student’s progress, they also ensure that the students aren’t stressed, burnt out and unmotivated – and if they are, they know just the right things to say and implement to help them. Learning Chinese isn’t the easiest thing for most people, but we believe that it doesn’t have a difficult, lonely journey. Enlist the help of great friends, peers and teachers, and you’ll find it makes it so much easier!

Conclusion – every small thing helps

Learning the Chinese language may seem like a challenging task, and most people would probably agree with it being a difficult one. Even though you’ve managed to get started on your topic, there may be times when you just struggle so much and get frustrated for not making much progress. Still, we are glad for the many tips and tricks we’ve picked up because we now know how effective it is at helping all our students get the scores they are looking for.

If you need the guidance of a native speaker to help you learn and master the language, you can learn Chinese online in Singapore, here at Connected Learning; We have dedicated, highly experienced teachers to help you achieve your goal in no time!