In every country in the world, there is at least one language that people use both in verbal and written manner. China, being one of the largest countries globally and host to one of the largest populations in the world, has a vast variety of languages that locals use in everyday activities.

Still, Chinese remains one of the most utilised languages within the country and beyond its borders. Being the largest and most widely spoken language globally, it is no surprise that learning Chinese has a lot of advantages ranging from personal importance to career and economic success in the future. Still, we explore these advantages as you prepare yourself (or your kids) to learn this rewarding language.

1. Learning Chinese opens doors and opportunities

While it can be seen in a very practical way scoring well for our ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels allows us to get into the course we desire in poly, JC and our university phase of life, learning Chinese also gives us career opportunities when we are career adults as well.

One of the advantages of the Singapore population is our ability to be effective bilinguals, connecting to almost anybody on the global stage by speaking two of the most used languages in the world. Being effective English speakers due to its widespread use, most of us only get to practice speaking and writing Chinese while in school. While most people pause from using Chinese for many years, those that eventually must use it often find it much easier to pick up again if they have already put in their due diligence in their schooling years, giving them opportunities to work with companies or colleagues from Chinese speaking nations.

2. Getting connected with a whole new culture and group of people

While more and more Chinese from mainland China and various Chinese speaking countries are getting more proficient in the English language, being proficient in speaking Chinese allows you to connect closely with native Chinese language speakers when you travel to their countries. Just as many Japanese and Korean language enthusiasts get excited by practising what they have learnt when travelling down to Japan and Korea, we can do the same with our Chinese language.

Take a step out of your comfort zone by engaging with the locals with your practised Chinese oral skills and hear from their experiences, learning about their cultures and norms that differ from what we have in Singapore. You’ll be surprised at how different we Singaporeans can be compared to where our ancestors used to come from!

3. Connect back to your culture and traditions.

Talking about our roots and where we came from, it has been known that the Chinese have the most profound culture and history. But the intricacies and history of our culture can often elude those who do not have proper knowledge of the Chinese language. Phrases, idioms and expressions often hold hidden meaning and valuable lessons that can be gleaned once you understand how to read between the lines of text.

But more than just the lessons, Chinese has a rich history, culture and traditions that we can appreciate more once we take a step in. Learning the language is just the start as we get to learn about why various norms have come into place and how it has fit into our modern Singapore culture.


Indeed, being proficient in Chinese is not only a skill you could be proud of – it is said that Chinese is one of the most complicated languages to learn – but it also presents you with practical benefits as you get to connect with more people and opportunities to be had. If an effective Chinese tuition class is what you are looking for, we offer effective lessons at Connected Learning. With great teachers who are passionate about what they do and an effective lesson plan, we are sure to help you get your desired grades. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!