We at Connected Learning believe that learning and applying Chinese doesn’t just come from a crash course – it comes from building good habits and a strong foundation from as young as primary school. We have realised over the years that primary 1 students who obtain a good foundation eventually become much more receptive to learning Chinese and are more self-sufficient in picking up their mother tongue as compared to their peers.

The parents of our primary school students have shared that their children enjoy their tuition classes immensely, contributing to their receptiveness to the Chinese language in their later years. We believe that this is one of the secrets to our success, as habits determine our students’ excellence in learning, scoring well for their exams for years to come.

Primary Chinese Tuition
Primary Chinese Tuition


Our tutors don’t believe in rote memorisation – they believe in active participation in classes as well as engaged learning with fun lesson plans. With their years of experience, our junior and management teachers have a firm grasp of the PSLE syllabus, teaching our students effective learning habits, advising them where needed and pushing them to score better when the need arises.

We believe in the best in our students so they can see the best in themselves too, so we know your child is in safe hands if you are looking for good tutors for primary 1 students.


We are all students at one point or another, and we know the worst classes are those that are repetitive, stressful and boring. While learning in itself isn’t a walk in the park, we do our best to create the most fun and engaging lesson plans with our years of experience in teaching the Singapore syllabus.

Getting our students to apply what they have learned, as well as growing with their peers – these are the methods to get them to go through the knowledge they have gained and establish mastery over it.


PSLE Chinese tuition in Singapore can seem like a massive crash course – taking all the years of syllabus and trying to cram them into a young child’s mind. Not only is that extremely stressful, but it is probably also ineffective as well. We believe in equipping them with good habits and strengthening their foundation to improve their grades.
While we believe that we can help them improve their grades in the short term, parents who desire for their children to score their A’s would find it easier if they allow their kids to consistently improve in their grasp of the Chinese language over the years. This is even more important if parents want their kids to excel in their use of the Chinese language past their schooling years and utilise it even as working adults. Our developed curriculum builds on the strong foundation we have taught our students over the years, and many of our students that have been with us for many years have continued to excel in their Chinese after they have graduated.

We believe that learning costs shouldn’t have to break the bank. Depending on your child’s primary school year, tuition fees may vary. For primary school Chinese tuition in Singapore, our costs range from $256 to $278 monthly, the rate being $21 to $23 per hour. With this affordable price, we want to make tuition classes accessible to as many students as possible.

When looking to enrol your child in Chinese tuition for primary school, you can consider the following: class size, teaching style, your child’s needs and reviews. Our primary school class size is four students per class, perfect for group learning and individual attention where needed. We take an interactive learning approach to make lessons fun and engaging for children so they can better read, write, speak and understand Chinese.

Any child can consistently improve their knowledge of Chinese and foster a genuine interest in learning the language. Improving through Chinese tuition meant for primary school doesn’t mean simply memorising answers – our experienced tutors help students be more open to learning their mother tongue and are trained to understand your child’s body language. Students can improve as long as they have a positive mindset.

A study plan your child follows consistently and goes through at an appropriate but not too slow pace daily or weekly can be beneficial. Setting clear objectives for each session also helps your child motivate them to work towards it. If you’re considering PSLE Chinese tuition for them, it’s worth the try as it can allow your child to improve their Chinese language skills effectively with more focused help.

Students should expand their composition skills by reading more writings, books, or articles on topics they enjoy. Absorbing content and paying attention to writing style can help your child incorporate useful vocabulary into their compositions. Find a good PSLE Chinese tutor in Singapore at Connected Learning, and we can help your child learn effective methods to improve their writing and inculcate great habits to help them through exams. Learn more in detail here: https://connectedlearning.sg/improve-chinese-composition-in-primary-school/

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