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Just wanted to thank you and Ma Ying Lao Shi for helping Joel score is Chinese A* this year! Couldn’t have done it without yr help…💐💐💐

Sharon Wong, Mother of Joel (P6)

Jaden got 28 out of 30 for his SA2 Chinese Oral. I think the lessons have helped him tremendously. He used to dislike Chinese and refused to speak to us when we tried to converse with him in Chinese. Many thanks to the teachers for being able to engage him and get him to speak more.

Mrs Toh, Mother of Jaden (P4)

My p4 girl just got a good progress award at Tao Nan School for Chinese. It’s been a seriously long journey. She failed Chinese throughout P3 despite trying 3 different tuition centres and 1 private tutor. She’s shy and doesn’t voice out when she’s confused. Finally we tried the online tuition with Connected Learning and she’s much more comfortable! She even learns new words on her own so she can speak with the tutor. Truly surprising and one of the best choices made for her.

Sean Chew, Father of Katie Chew (P4)

I’d like to thank all at Connected Learning especially his teachers Ma Ying Lao Shi and Wu Yu Ping Lao Shi for their effective teaching. I am surprised and delighted at Joel’s excellent results (90%) barely two months after starting tuition. Please keep up the great teaching and I wish I’d found you earlier!

Sharon Wong, Mother of Joel Lim (P6)

Just signed up at The Singapore Expo today (my daughter loved the trial lessons!). She can’t wait for the March holidays to be over so she can start… I’m pleasantly surprised.

Clinton Goh, Father of Natasha (P2)

My son, who is in P4 this year, enjoyed the trial lesson, not to mention the fun of using the PC and earpiece, so I decided to sign him up for regular lessons. He has been taking lesson for about a year now.

During the lessons, my son goes through reading from the textbook, writing words in his own exercise book (word, meaning, pinyin), pronunciation and linked words. The teacher will also focus on teaching him how to make short sentences by asking him to verbalise the sentences. After receiving tuition, he finally managed to pass his Chinese exam…

Eileen Seah, Mother of Damien Tan (P4)
My girl is learning P2 higher chinese over the video conferencing system. She loves the interactivity and the teacher engages her in lesson. As it is a small group class, she can focus better. What I like about the class is the frequency, she attends lesson for 3 times a week. It is important for language and literacy learning, especially we seldom speak mother tongue at home.
Mumcat, Posted this feedback on KiasuParents forum

We are very happy with Connected Learning. Our son has improved his Chinese scores from 65 (Term1) to 83 (Term2). His Chinese teacher is very surprised with the development considering that our son is not Chinese speaking (not his first language). His Mid term exam score is 37/40! Thank you! More power to Connected Learning!

Leonard Lee, Father of Keith Gavin Lee (P2)

I just met my son’s Chinese teacher for parent-teacher meeting & she was full of praise for my son’s remarkable progress. She observed in term 2 a significant shift in my son’s attitude & interest towards learning Chinese & wondered what made the difference. I attributed it to his Chinese tutor from connected learning who has been very patient & encouraging in every lesson. From a passing grade of 50 marks last yr, my son scored 75 this semester with him achieving 23/25 for his oral & 14/15 for his essay. I am very very impressed & grateful for the difference his tutor has made in his learning.

Joanna, Mother of Student (P5)

My son used to hate Chinese lessons. Now, he’s enjoying it so much!

Elson Lee, Father of Ernest (P5)

The ‘live’ tuition is conducted by natives in China. They are very fluent in Mandarin and have accurate pronunciation. Most importantly, they can communicate well with my boy and are extremely patient with him. I was quite sceptical about him receiving online tuition for the first time because he is quite active and may get fidgety. In fact, during each of the one-hour lessons, he may sometimes wander around or try to watch his online favourite entertainment videos during a short lesson break. But the tutors will always get his attention back by calling out to him or gently chides him for getting distracted with other activities.

Gin Ong, Mother of Josh Lim (P2)
After my son attended the lessons, he enjoyed them so much that he never complained… It has become a routine to him.

The best part is, you need not travel. Lessons go on in all kinds of weather conditions and you get to rest or do your own thing while someone helps you to revise with your child. My son is doing better and better in MT. How not to improve when they recap and make him write the new words he learnt in previous lessons… regularly for three times a week?

They follow the school syllabus and in fact, teach more words than the school textbook. They communicate with your child in Mandarin three hours a week; they teach / practice oral & listening comprehension too!

Joshey Jackey, Posted this feedback on KiasuParents forum

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