Almost all Singaporeans would have gone through some form of tuition in their lifetime. Whether it be a personal 1-to-1 tuition with a private tutor or group tuition at a tuition centre, we can all agree that there are many benefits to having an experienced teacher help out with your learning journey.

Still, there is much more than just excelling at the subject at hand. This is even more true for Chinese as it can be known as a difficult subject to grasp and master for most kids. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons why it is beneficial to send your children for Chinese tuition in Singapore.

Getting the right tutor makes a big difference

It’s more than just the expertise as a subject matter expert. Getting a tutor who is experienced in their teaching methodologies and has a passion for the subject they are teaching can create a drastically different experience for students receiving tutelage. Not only would they learn the proper skills and techniques required to score well, they will also have a teacher that is willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that the student understands and excels in what he or she is learning.

Getting the right environment to learn

It’s more than just learning the technicalities of the language – getting the right environment to learn the subject can often be a big factor in whether the children enjoy learning the language. Having tutors who are passionate about what they teach can often translate this passion into the kid’s learning as well. Nothing is more challenging than trudging through the lessons of a tutor who is tired of what they are teaching.

Having peers who are also bright and passionate can create a positive environment for your child to learn from one another, pushing and motivating one another as they help each other along the course of their studies.

Getting positive reinforcement in mastering Chinese

More often than not, students dread learning Chinese because they believe that it is a tough subject to master. This is often reinforced by their self-belief and self-doubts, with their peers often complaining and discouraging them from excelling at this subject. This is where having a teacher who is able to envision a student’s success comes into play.

Students who are put in an environment in which they know they can score and excel can often lead to a student improving quickly and with a proper foundation. Sure, they do get tips and tricks in scoring for different parts of their Chinese examination, but building a strong foundation in Chinese comes from understanding the basics and building upon what they know and where they’re at one step at a time. Experienced tutors will then show a student their progress from learning these skills, reinforcing their confidence in learning more and overcoming tougher challenges and mastering more complicated subjects in the future.


Chinese tuition can often get a bad rep as the subject students have to ‘get out of the way’ in order to score well for their exams. But we have to say that ‘O’ level and PSLE Chinese tuition is much more than that. We believe in helping our students excel and master a second language that will open doors for them as they grow up in the future, connecting with their roots and understanding the culture they come from. Our passionate teachers at Connected Learning have seen many students excel and graduate and we hope to make a difference in your child’s learning journey too.