Online learning, also known as distance learning or remote learning, is becoming more popular in Singapore. Even NUS and NTU have introduced distance learning courses, where students can conveniently attend classes online from their homes. And for a subject like Chinese, where students need ample and frequent practice, online Chinese tuition can be a much-needed and convenient boost. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider online Chinese tuition for your child.

1. Reduce the “Boringness”

Let’s face it the average primary school child is not exactly thrilled about tuition. If you’re struggling to convince your sullen child to go for tuition, him/her (and you) might be pleased to have it online instead. The teacher can use fun, digital tools to promote learning, and the interactiveness is novel and exciting.

They also get to meet their friends online instead! Many students find this interesting because it’s so different from sitting in a classroom, which they do everyday. And they slowly start seeing Chinese as something fun and they look forward to classes.

2. Great for Shy or Distracted Students

Moreover, many students are more comfortable communicating with their iPads or laptops than with a real-life teacher. That means that online classes reduce social anxiety, allow more relaxed discussions, and encourage more participation. We’ve seen many students with lack of confidence in speaking Chinese become vocal and active once they switch to online classes. The end result is more effective absorption of Chinese, and rapid improvement in oral and sentence construction.

Also, you might worry that students will be distracted while using the computer to learn. However, in other parts of the world, students have reported that it’s easier to concentrate in online classes because they are not distracted by their peers in a classroom.

All these benefits depend on your own child’s personality and way of learning. The best is to speak to the education centre that you are eyeing, and ask if they allow free trials so you can observe how your kid fares in class. You might be surprised by what you see!

3. Make Use of Precious Time

What does your child do after school? Whether they go to after school care, grandma’s place, or home, they can learn Chinese while you’re at work. The teachers ensure that students are on track with the Chinese syllabus, so that you don’t have to spend so many hours after work practising Chinese with your child.

Also, there’s no traveling time. Both you and your child don’t have to waste time going to and fro from tuition. That frees your family up to do other things, like studying other subjects, simply having more relaxation time on the weekend.

4. Comfortable Learning Environment

You’ve worked really hard to make your home a conducive learning space. Why not use it? Your child probably feels much more comfortable and open at home, than at yet another classroom. With online tuition, they can snuggle up to their toys while doing their 听写.

More importantly, if your child dislikes Chinese, this will help change their attitudes. They will become more familiar with speaking and using Chinese at home. You could even pop into class from time to time to monitor it, without the teacher noticing. That way, you can ensure that your child is learning comfortably all year long.

5. Teacher Interaction

Most people think online tuition is delivered as a series of pre-recorded videos. However, that’s not truly tutoring! While watching educational videos is a good way to expose your child to Chinese, tutoring offers the personal interaction that is crucial for improving in a language.

Not only is it a highly effective method, it also widens your child’s worldview. They receive personal guidance at their own pace, and their performance is evaluated.

6. Access to High Quality Teachers

Last but not least, every tuition centre is built around strong, caring, and experienced teachers. Our teachers reside in native China, and impart an interesting perspective of Chinese. For example, your Singaporean child may feel that Chinese is useless, or old-fashioned and uncool. However, there are entire cities in China who use Chinese for business, science, and arts! Our syllabus are aligned with the traditional MOE standards, but our teachers give our local students the important reminder that Chinese can be hip, young, and relatable. After all, Singapore is a melting pot of various exciting cultures, and our teachers offer a glimpse into the growing advancements and future of China.

You can try a trial class with us at Connected Learning, free of charge, today. Whether you want your child to excel at Chinese, learn to embrace their roots, or gain a richer understanding of the Chinese language, we are sure online tuition can help them reach their goals.