All over the world, every race has an established stereotype, all of which influence the life of every single person and how others view them. These stereotypes classify each race as to what they’re good at, what they’re known for, and what they lack. But as the world is slowly moving towards a more globalised mindset, preconceived racial notions are also gradually eroded away.

One of the many behavioural traits that will put you forward in this fast-paced world is cultural sensitivity. With the world becoming more globalised, this means you get to work and get along with people of various ethnicities and cultural norms. While we as Singaporeans might not use the Chinese language as much as we’d like to, being proficient in the language will allow us to prepare ourselves for opportunities in the future while connecting to our roots. Still, these benefits go beyond the classrooms, and we explore some of the reasons today.

Learning Chinese introduces you to its origins

Learning Chinese grants you more than just practical benefits. Going beyond the classroom and simple test and exam results, Chinese history goes way back, incorporating within it a whole millennium of wisdom, teachings and lessons to glean from.

Chinese proficiency helps you connect with others

The thing that sets people of different races apart from each other is the language barrier. The language barrier is an imaginative figure that signifies the inability of two people to communicate simply because they don’t speak the same language. How much more so if we are Chinese but can’t speak our mother tongue properly!

But do you know that if you are able to speak Chinese, you get to increase your likelihood of holding a progressive conversation with 16% of the world’s population? There are over 1.31 billion Chinese speakers globally, and if you know how to speak the language, you can get connected with one of the most prosperous nations in the world, granting you opportunities once you get into the workforce that might not be afforded otherwise. Thus, it would be incredibly useful for you to look for ways to develop your Chinese vocabulary.

Mastering the Chinese language gives you perspective

If you are trying to learn Chinese, chances are you have a different ethnicity or were raised in a household that practices a culture that is more western. With this understanding, you can also take a step back to look at the bigger picture – other races have their own unique qualities because they also have their own beliefs and principles, both of which are influenced by their respective historical backgrounds. If you understand this, you will be able to determine which topics might be sensitive to others and which ones aren’t as much. This also grants you perspective on global affairs on a unique level, balancing both western and eastern views along with the different sets of cultural norms and beliefs held.


Cultural awareness is a trait that every global citizen should have because not only will it help put you forward, but it will also help you be a better person overall. There are ways that you can become more culturally aware, and learning the Chinese language is definitely an effective way that anyone can practice.

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